Creative studio/freelancer located in Belgium. Feel free to contact me for all sorts of

Graphic & Web design

Specialised in visual communication & graphic design: digital, print, web ... you name it! Definitely not to be described as the 'standard' company, Pixelneuroot. equals a one man workflow with a whole different approach. I really love it when I can smell & feel the identity of your company's brand. That way, great things might happen!


Your company is delivering excellent work, everything is in the right place: nice website, superb branding, top notch products ... but you still want some advice? No problem, just get in touch! Pixelneuroot. will be your personal advisor for those decisions you just can't seem to make without some neurotic help.


‘Branding’ is not about what you say or how you look, but about who you are and what you do. Pixelneuroot. can help you define that personality. I can provide you with either creation of new graphic design materials, or advice you on how to look for the ultimate brand strategy.

Social media

Facebook can be a highly effective way of reaching and engaging with new customers. With 1 billion active users, Facebook is still the Master of social networks. Pixelneuroot. helps you create and configure your Facebook page, run advertising and engagement campaigns, or actively manages your page on your behalf.